Three lessons learned from #GIRLBOSS

I found myself sitting around at home, on sick leave. There was one thing my doctor, my mother, my friends and pretty much every friendly soul around me advised me to keep clear off: thinking. "Don't overthink things to much, just rest." "Whatever you do, don't think too much." "Just keep it cool, no thinking about the [...]

this year the easter bunny is bringing something special


What a week it has been. I had this post lined up earlier this week but decided not to publish it because of the shocking events that took place on Tuesday. Somehow it didn't feel right to talk about fresh new beginnings amidst violence and death and terror. And yet, living our lives to the [...]

Your desk or mine?

Bear with me for an English version of the article, folks. Enkele maanden geleden vroeg bosslady Lien De Pau me of ik het zag zitten om een aantal artikels te schrijven voor hét netwerk voor vrouwelijke ondernemers, Zeker Van Haar Zaak. Onderwerp: vrouwen en ondernemerschap. Daar moesten we uiteraard geen nano-seconde over nadenken want er [...]