Monday Medicine

I don’t know about you, but my Monday was pretty rough. Sleep deprivation, projects getting stuck, the caterer forgetting to deliver my lunch (what a reckless thing to do, getting between my and my food!) and no time for the kiddos. Here are a few things to ease the pain.

An incredibly inspiring photo collection from a roadtrip to Alaska in the 1940’s. Makes me want to pack my bags and leave. I guess what strikes me most is how contemporary the pictures look (well, except for the ones that feature the car and the camping equipment, that is).

Alaska camping

Five new Foo Fighter Songs. One for each day, from Monday to Friday.

A chorus of meows. Dead funny. Makes me proud to be Belgian.

Follow @menwhohasitall on twitter for some guaranteed giggles. And possibly some passive aggressiveness on the side.

This nice assortment of foods which reminded me of my time at the campus of the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign, where a fresh apple was harder to come by than, say, a plastic wiener.

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