Q-Time is all you need

Sometimes a little Q-Time (aka Quality Time) is all you need.

Truth is, since I’ve quit my job and started working as a freelancer, there has been considerably more quality time. Not necessarily because I’m working less (I actually think I’m putting in more hours now). But mostly because I’m free to organize my time as I see fit. So I’m around on Wednesday afternoons for the kiddos and on most weekday evenings until bedtime. If I’m out it’s because I choose to have a date night with the hubster, hang with the girls or go to a Reading Between The Wines meeting. Speaking of the man, we get to see each other for lunch now all the time. Win-win!

Scrolling through the photo’s on my phone, it’s totally obvious: we’re having the time of our lives!

What happened to the kitty, mom?

Obligatory stop along the bike path at a mysterious cat shrine. R.I.P. (I think)



Got all my ducks in a row!

#buitenspeeldag at Ieper

Do not like this thing you put on my head, mom.

Biker baby

Bellewaerde Beek Biking

Big bike for big girls!

bath time

Twice the fun.

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