We made it through the week! Hurray!

Now, if that is not enough reason for you to S*M*I*L*E*, check out these:

Instagram Husbands, you crack me up! If you are an Instagram husband (or wife, partner, random victim,…), you can get support over here.

If you’re going places this weekend or if you have any travel plans for the holidays, check out Man Repeller’s tips for conversation starters. My favorite is definitely “You’ve got a bug on your head”. Made me think of a hilarious episode of Alles Kan Beter in which one of my old law professors actually was on TV sporting a fly on his face. (If anyone can point me to the right episode, I’d be ever so grateful – the link I put up here shows lawyer Jef Vermassen in more modest times).

Last holiday season we were announcing we would become a mom and dad all over again. This hilarious post from an extremely pregnant woman about maternity clothes rings true to me and I’m sure to all of you who have experienced pregnancy and the vast amounts of stretch fabric that come along with it.

Hello from the extremely pregnant side (May 2015)

Hello from the extremely pregnant side (May 2015)

Talking about motherhood, this particular parody of Adele’s Hello brought me to tears. From laughter, to be clear.

Have a happy one, you guys! One more week before the Xmas Holidays… Hang in there!

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