this year the easter bunny is bringing something special


What a week it has been. I had this post lined up earlier this week but decided not to publish it because of the shocking events that took place on Tuesday. Somehow it didn’t feel right to talk about fresh new beginnings amidst violence and death and terror. And yet, living our lives to the fullest is pretty much the only thing we can do and it is exactly what I intend to do going forward.

Anyway. The symbolism of talking about my life 2.0 on Easter isn’t lost on me (even though I’ll admit to not remembering most of my religious education during my time at Hemelsdaele, Catholic school extraordinaire). Turns out writing about burnout and laying it all out there  really hit home. My mailbox exploded. People I hadn’t talked to in years (not to mention complete strangers) suddenly reached out with kind words and offers to help. Some of you who had stayed quiet for a while came out of the woods. It means the world to me. It’s so good to feel supported.

So what is next? Well, as one makes New Year’s resolutions, I’m making New Life resolutions. After some serious soul-searching about all the things that have gone wrong, I boiled it down to a list of five:

  1. Be free
  2. Be happy
  3. Be healthy
  4. Be in control
  5. Have fun

Before you think I have finally lost it completely: I’m not completely naive. Each one of these resolutions is obviously pretty, well… ambitious. After all, can someone really ever be completely free, happy, healthy, in control? And have fun while they’re at it? For me it’s all about the journey. About intentionally striving to be each of these things.

And yes, I have a plan on how to get there! I am going to test drive a bajillion self help books, apps, sites,… and report back here on how I’m doing on each of them. Just like Tom Waes tested books on how to learn to swim with sharks, I’m going to test self help and personal growth books. The very names of those categories of books are slightly cringe-worthy, I admit. Those of you who know me well, know that I am usually very critical of those types of books or methods. I promise to keep the same critical perspective in my reviews.

Meanwhile – Happy Easter!

2 gedachten over “Rebirth

  1. Pyper schreef:

    Wish you all the luck Nouckie.
    I guess you didn’t know, but I am following your inspiring blog…
    Happy to see you are becoming happy again.

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