We made it through the week! Hurray! Now, if that is not enough reason for you to S*M*I*L*E*, check out these: Instagram Husbands, you crack me up! If you are an Instagram husband (or wife, partner, random victim,...), you can get support over here. If you're going places this weekend or if you have [...]

Midweek Mix

In the category "weird, but intriguing blogs who will definitely not be winning any awards in the design category": kiddofspeed, a fascinating trip report of Elena's motorcycle ride through Chernobyl. Thanks to Lieven P. for the tip. We're sorry we got caught. Brandalism, a guerilla art project originating in the UK, has installed hundreds of [...]

Monday Medicine

I don't know about you, but my Monday was pretty rough. Sleep deprivation, projects getting stuck, the caterer forgetting to deliver my lunch (what a reckless thing to do, getting between my and my food!) and no time for the kiddos. Here are a few things to ease the pain. An incredibly inspiring photo collection [...]